Left Bid

Also known as absentee bid, this is a way that you can bid even if you cannot attend the auction in person.

Lot 507 to be auctioned on July 27th, 2019


20.66 Acres 1500x600 This claim is located in the southern portion of the Gold Basin area, which has historically been a good gold producing area.Gold Basin has a rich history in mining stretching back to the 1870s. The beautiful desert valley is rich with abandoned and active mines with most shutting down in 1942 due to World War II. The lode deposits recorded production between 1901-1942 of 13,508 oz gold a/p 6,857 oz silver. This claim has a number of tailing/ore piles with promising material [1known shafts and 2 slot cuts. Disseminated gold hosted in a quartz and quartz breccias matrix adds to the promise of these piles. There are also excellent areas on the claim for dry washing, as well as nugget detecting.

Left bid Rules and Regulations:

  1. Any left bids placed less than one hour before the item comes up for auciton can not be guaranteed to be accepted.
  2. The minimum dollar amount for any left bid is $100.
  3. The floor manager or the auctioneer will bid for the absentee bidder.
  4. In the event of a tie bid between the absentee bidder and the house bidder, the winning bid will be awarded to the house bidder.
  5. If there is no bid within 30 seconds the bid will start at half of the left bid amount.
  6. First time bidders/new customers will be held to a maximum bid of $1000 per item. New customers must be pre approved by the floor manager or auctioneer.
  7. Dealers or customers wanting to bid on multiple items must be pre approved by the floor manager or auctioneer.
  8. In placing an absentee bid, the bidder does agree to all the standard rules and regulations as described during registration.
  9. AACTV is not held liable for failure to execute absentee bids.
  10. Winning bidders will be invoiced and the credit card on file will be charged. Please call us at 877-444-1195 to check the status of your leftbids.

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