Radio Controlled Atomic Time Wrist Watch

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This one of a kind timepiece is an Atomic time wrist watch!The quartz movement will display the precise time because the CMOS microprocessor is downloaded by the WWVB radio signal once per day after midnight.As long as your wrist watch is in range, the Atomic Watch will continue to display precise time.The watch will be adjusted for summer/winter time changeover and features a highly accurate quartz controlled clock.The watch is set into a rubber black colored strap that measures between 7.75-10inches in length.The watch displays 10 different digit display including hour, minute, second, day and day of the week.The timepiece also features a radio controlled time with manual setting option, EL backlight, countdown timer, a 3V Lithium battery, a 1/100 second stop watch and an alarm feature.The wrist watch comes with a complete instruction manual.