50PC Indian Head Cents Roll

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This is a Roll of 50 Indian Head Cent Coins. The United States one cent coin was issued with an Indian Head on the front from 1859 til 1909. Afterward the one cent coin was issued with the wheat reverse and Lincoln on the front.This penny is called Wheat Penny and is Composed of:
1859 - 1864 88 % copper, 12 % nickel
1864 - 1909 95 % copper, 5 % tin and zinc
The obverse is really of Liberty wearing a headdress and reverse shows oak wreath with shield.This wonderful coin and the designer was James B. Longacre.It was coined at the Philadelphia mint and weighs 4.67grams.These coins were also referred to as nickels or nicks prior to the issuance of 5 cent nickel pieces in 1866.